Joadja Old Town is a very unique and special place.

Never before has an event like ours been in this location so its remarkable honour and privilege to call Joadja Old Town the home of WILDfest™ Southern Highlands in 2017.

Its wilderness is unmatched in the area and the historical backdrop of colonial mining ruins are mesmerising. Only 25 kms west of Mittagong, Joadja town was founded on a shale seam in 1850 and Scottish workers were brought out to Australia to mine it. The mine closed early in the 20th century, and the town was abandoned. The buildings were left to the elements, and nature has slowly regained its hold on much of the valley. The ruins that remain, entangled with the wild, tell the story of those that lived and worked here.

The mining technology that made the valley so prosperous in its time stands as the last of its kind in the world.

Joadja truly is a gem of world heritage significance and an intriguing part of Australia’s history.

As you start the drive down the winding dirt road into the Joadja valley your first glimpse is the old dilapidated Austin ute parked lovingly by the entrance. Behind that is the newest edition to the property which is the Whisky Distillery – did we mention the owners Elisa and Valero make Single Malt Whisky and award wining Joadja Wee Scottish Ale?

Continue on down the dirt path, past the fields teaming with kangaroos and over the creek to where the miners cottages still stand on Carrington Row and you are getting closer to our glamping with concierge home for WILDfest™ – Nursery Flats a truly magnificent location nestled in between the bush and valley walls of Joadja Old Town. Its remote, its breath-taking wilderness.

There are over 20 significant ruins to explore and we will take you there.

This definitely isn’t your average weekend in the country.